There’s nothing as special as a good friend, except perhaps a good friend with a good bottle of wine . . .
Always strive to create temptation – a glimpse of the pleasure to come – . . .
Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price – Jean Baudrillard . . .
Age and glasses of wine should never be counted . . .
He was a bold man that first ate an oyster – Jonathan Swift . . .
A gentleman seduces his lady’s mind before he even touches her body . . .
First we eat. Then we do everything else – M.F.K Fisher . . .
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away . . .
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playful gifts for wine + food lovers

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Get playful with the wine and food lover in your life. Set up a candle lit table with your favorite wine glasses, serve up an assortment of tasty tapas, break out that special bottle of wine (or two),  and play your favorite sultry, cool tunes to set the mood. And  just in case you’ll be traveling to meet your date with a few bottles of vintage wine, there is the stylish CaddyO wine carrier. Tis the season for fun, love and laughter.

Foodie Fight Gotta Have It!
Calling all food lovers! This addictive trivia game allows players to strut their culinary stuff and prove who is the smartest foodie of them all. With over 1,000 questions on topics ranging from culinary science and celebrity chefs to food history and exotic cuisine, each player is bound to get a full serving of food knowledge. But think fast, because the first player or team to fill in their game board wins!

CaddyO wine Chiller and Carrier Gotta Have It! $40
A stylish gift the CaddyO is both a carrier and cooler. Place the sleeve in your freezer and 1/2 hour before you start your travels, place your chilled wine in the sleeve, the sleeve in the carrier. Better yet, if your wine isn’t yet chilled, it can chill a bottle of wine in 30 minutes and keeps it cool for hours and the sleeve can be placed on the table or picnic blanket to hold the wine. There is a also a dual tote carrier that allows you to carry up to four bottles of wine.

Karafe Wine Tasting Game Gotta Have It! $40
You’ll love this exciting new game about wine. It combines some of the features of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Life all in one. You become a winemaker – raise capital, buy your vineyard, harvest your grapes, bottle your wine and sell it. Navigate the gameboard successfully by answering questions about wine or correctly identifying wine taste tests. Questions are divided into two categories – Sippers and Connoisseurs – so you can handicap the players..

Oenophilia Bouquet: The Wine Game Gotta Have It! $40
Have fun with friends while increasing your knowledge of wine, Beautiful board is decorated with wine labels, Makes a great gift for wine buffs. Oenophilia is a world of fun as well A world of fun as well as a source of information and inspiration. A game on the world of wines and spirits for novices and experts alike… Bouquet® is a unique fun parlor game with questions on wines and spirits.

Winerd Gotta Have It!
Looking to entertain some friends and learn about different types of wine in a fun way at the same time? Then you’re going to love Winerd! Whether you are hosting a wine tasting party or just a friendly get together with a few close friends, this Winerd Wine Tasting Party Game is to be a hit with your party guests. This is perfect gift for the novice or wine connoisseur alike. Winerd includes over 300 question and answer cards, 12 bonus/challenge cards, four game pieces and a Blind Taste Test Notepad that guides you through all the steps of wine evaluation. Now that you’ve got the perfect game, just add wine and friends and you’re set for a fun filled evening!

Food Lover’s Trivia Game Gotta Have It! $35
 Are you a food lover who likes trivia games or a trivia game lover who likes food? Whichever you are you’ll love The Original Food Lover’s Trivia game! This is the first game of its kind dedicated solely to food trivia. The game features 1,800 questions in the categories of Beverages, Geography and Culture, Ingredients, Recipes, Food People and Food Arts & Science. Get ready, Get set, Get comfortable! Game play is not confined to a game board, players gather their game pieces and get comfortable wherever they want to play! Teams of chefs are challenged by opposing teams of guests with trivia questions all about food. Players start with full plates and the winners are the first ones to Clean Your Plate The Original Food Lover’s Trivia can be played in a variety of ways from the basic game Dinnertime to the added challenges offered in Care For Seconds? game play. Got Food? Get Game! Over 40 recipes and party ideas are included so that the game can be played with edible game pieces in the game options; Play With Your Food, Potlucky, The Diet Plate Special and The Blue Plate Special.

Eat It! Gotta Have It! $30
Eat It is the snacks and sweets trivia game. This exciting board game is all about the fun foods that everyone loves to eat. Players test their knowledge by answering fun and clever trivia questions across five tasty categories: Chocolate, Candy, Cookies, Snack Attack, and Ice Cream and Desserts. The types of Eat It trivia questions range from nostalgia and general knowledge to marketing, jingles, product description, and tidbits. Eat It is a fun game to play with friends and family. The questions are diverse, encompassing today’s treats as well as the ones that you grew up with. On your way to becoming the Eat It, you will relive childhood memories and even munch on a few of your favorite snacks.

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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away