There’s nothing as special as a good friend, except perhaps a good friend with a good bottle of wine . . .
Always strive to create temptation – a glimpse of the pleasure to come – . . .
Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price – Jean Baudrillard . . .
Age and glasses of wine should never be counted . . .
He was a bold man that first ate an oyster – Jonathan Swift . . .
A gentleman seduces his lady’s mind before he even touches her body . . .
First we eat. Then we do everything else – M.F.K Fisher . . .
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away . . .

Seduction Meals Weekly Horoscopes February 24 – March 1, 2014

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Welcome to the Seduction Meals Weekly Horoscopy by the Mistress of Astrology – Jennifer Angel. Tune in every Monday for details on how to best manage your relationships at home, work and play.

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February 24 – March 1, 2014




Aries / March 21 – April 19
With so much planetary activity affecting your sign, change on some level is inevitable. Open your mind and heart to embrace the next chapter – over this period you can transform your life. Your imagination is at an all time high; use it to move your career in the right direction. Be careful of trying to control a love situation, relax and let fate work its magic; if it’s meant to be, it will work out. Seduction Magic: A passionate encounter may quicken your heart, but don’t read too much into it for now.



Taurus / April 20 – May 20
Stay focused on your highest priority at work. With this week’s discordant energies, take care to avoid getting pulled into a power play. It would be best to watch the office politics from a distance; it doesn’t pay to get involved. If you are in a relationship, love can move into a more committed stage. Singles – when you own your individuality, love is more interesting and attractive. Seduction Magic: Trust has magic in it; release control and know that what is meant to be will be.



Gemini / May 21 – June 20
A financially viable opportunity at work can open up over this period. The new Moon at the end of the week in your house of professional profile signals the start of a new career phase. Whatever you choose now needs to be sustainable for the future. With love or work, whether you communicate via email, phone or text, you can’t afford an error. Mercury comes out of its retrograde phase, and you need to think carefully before you make any commitments. Seduction Magic: Your sexual energy is magnetic; this is what draws draw love (and lust) to you.



Cancer/  June 21 – July 22
Someone’s actions at work could be the final straw that helps you clarify a decision about your future. If a career opportunity has your name on it, don’t let it pass you by, especially if it gives you more independence. A connection between relationship planet, Venus, and the planet of stability, Saturn, can pave the way toward commitment, if it feels right. Seduction Magic: Nothing is set in stone. Open your heart with trust and take a chance.



Leo / July 23 – August 22
Partnerships are highlighted, and connecting with the right people can be beneficial on a financial level. To attract the person of your dreams, it’s important to start with yourself. Whether single or in a relationship, this is a positive time for an image overhaul. Make sure you are the type of person your ideal partner would be attracted to. Seduction Magic: Relive the magic of early love to keep the fire burning. Communicate with your heart.



Virgo / August 23 – September 22
Be careful with friends or co-workers when it concerns money, you can give advice but a loan could be risky. It’s a nice thought to help others out, but you have a responsibility to look after your own needs first. Intimate relationships are in the spotlight; a new start is possible, but don’t rush into anything. Financial matters may impact your love life, don’t allow money to come between you and your partner – work it out. Seduction Magic: Focus on the positive, gratitude is a powerful healer.



Libra / September 23 – October 22
You have a lot on your schedule right now and need to be disciplined with time management. Strict adherence to routine is important now. A resolution is in sight for a family matter, and finally you can rest easy. Conflict between work and love may send you into a tail-spin but you can use it to help sort out your priorities. Seduction Magic: Diplomacy is an art and you are an expert; use it to diffuse a sensitive situation.


scorpio Scorpio / October 23 – November 21
A family discussion may be pending but with Mercury coming out of its retrograde phase at the end of this week, you will want to tread carefully with sensitive matters. A new opportunity at work may require additional studies, if you take it on board. New Moon energy gives you the chance to wipe the slate clean, leave the past behind and start fresh. Singles can meet someone wonderful during this period; get out and socialize. Seduction Magic: Don’t underestimate the effect of a romantic gesture.


sagittarius Sagittarius / November 22 – December 21
A somewhat confrontational aspect between your ruling planet, Jupiter, and freedom loving Uranus can bring matters to a head regarding your desire for more independence, particularly in your love life. With unsettled planetary activity this week, it’s important not to over-react in any area of your life. You don’t want to make a decision you later regret. Take a step back and give yourself time to process. Seduction Magic: The better you feel about yourself, the more attraction power you have.




Capricorn December 22 – January 19
Love takes on a deeper meaning and you could find you have more in common with someone than you first thought. Keep an open mind at work as to what can happen next. With Mars going retrograde at the end of this week, life at the office could be momentarily unsettled. A change in plans could turn a situation around. Don’t rush in to finalize a monetary situation; there could be an opportunity to gain a better outcome. Seduction Magic: Don’t overanalyze love – learn to enjoy the moment.



Aquarius January 20 – February 18
If there has been confusion around a money matter, you can gain clarity now. You want to ensure a financial solution is good for all parties; strive for a win-win outcome. Mercury in your sign comes out of retrograde this week, which can cause mix-ups, so don’t assume anything. Don’t spend all your time at work; romance also demands your attention. Seduction Magic: When love feels right there’s a good chance it is; tune into your heart’s intelligence.



Pisces February 19 – March 20
With the new Moon at the end of this week in your sign, this is a powerful time to sow the seeds of intention. Get your dreams, ideals and goals in place and project them out with positive thought for creation. Love, lust and romance are all mixed up in one package, but before you hand over the keys to your heart, make sure friendship, trust and loyalty are also in the mix. Seduction Magic: Opposites attract because you complement each other.

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